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partitioning systemsDrylining

Almost any wall that can be plastered can be drylined, using various types of plasterboard, included are the thermal boards where high insulation if needed.

These drylined walls can then be finished with the taping system to a high standard either by machine or hand using the very latest materials.


partitioning systemsPartitioning Systems

There are three main partition systems that we use.

Metal Stud Partition This is the most popular, and is growing rapidly within the Building Industry.There are a range of sizes and shapes within this catogory. Examples are 'c' section studs including jumbo stud used in lift shafts and 'I' section studs for speed coupled with strength.

Laminate Partition As the name suggests, this is plasterboard laminated together to form a robust partition.

Paramount A system that has almost disappeared now, that uses plasterboard sandwiched together then erected into place to create a partition. All these systems can have plasterboard added to increase thermal and insulation properties as well as sound deadening when used with the metal stud.



Internal Plastering

We cover a full range of internal plastering applications using the very latest materials.

Our work can be renovation, extension, commercial or new housing.

If you require, or already have a specification, then we can supply the experienced labour and the material to complete the job.



Cornice and Coving

There can be nothing better to finish off than cornice.

We offer the complete system from design to execution. From a simple and inexpensive covering to the more elaborate cornice, including ceiling roses columns and special vaulted ceilings.



partitioning systemsExternal Rendering

To compliment the internal plastering we are geared up for external rendering which covers special finishes, for example:

Dry-dash (pebble dash)

Wet-dash (roughcast)


Alpine render



Floor Screeding

We will lay screed of all types and are fully conversant with underfloor insulation vapour barriers and reinforced screed to all job formats, including pumped screed to high rise building situations.